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Senior Scientist

Dr. Lijuan Fu received her Ph. D at Peking University in pharmacology.She obtained postdoc training in LSUHSC, focusing on speech and language neuraldevelopmental disorders via the miRNA-FOXP2 regulatory network. She oncecharacterized the role of endogenous hepcidin in mediating brain Fpn1 expression and cellular ironhomeostasis, which was cited bynumerous study groups. As a junior PI of Calmi2, she found cerebrovascular miRNAs closely correlated with the neurovascularimpairments of transgenic AD mice. Dr. Fu’s interests include developing newtherapeutic strategies by using small non-coding RNAs/circular RNAs/ASOs and exosomesto treat neurodegenerative disorders.


Selected Articles

Lijuan Fu, Ge Jiang, Hope Weng, Gregory M. Dick, Yanzhong Chang, andGhassan Kassab. Cerebrovascular miRNAs correlated withthe clearance of Aβ through perivascular route in younger 3xTg-AD mice. BrainPathol. 2020,30: 92–105.


Zhimin Shi, Zeyu Zhang, Lana Schaffer, Lijuan Fu, Steven Head, TerryGaasterland, Xiujie Wang, and Xiaoching Li. DynamicTranscriptome Landscape in the Song Nucleus HVC During Zebra Finch VocalDevelopment. Advanced Genetics, 2020: 1-13.


Jenny S. Choy, Zachary C. Berwick,Brandon D. Kalasho, Lijuan Fu, Deepak L. Bhatt, Jose A. Navia, GhassanS. Kassab. Selective Autoretroperfusion Provides Substantial Cardioprotection in Swine: Incremental Improvements withMild Hypothermia. Basic to Translational Science,2020,5(3): 267-278.


Jenny S. Choy, Shuang Leng, GabrielAcevedo-Bolton, Semion Shaul, Lijuan Fu,Xiaomei Guo, Liang Zhong, Julius M. Guccione, Ghassan S. Kassab. Efficacy ofintramyocardial injection of Algisyl-LVR for the treatment of ischemicheart failure in swine. Int. J.Cardiol., 2018, 255: 129–135.


Adam G. Goodwill, Lijuan Fu,Jillian N. Noblet, Eli D. Casalini, Daniel Sassoon, Zachary C. Berwick, GhassanKassab, Johnathan D. Tune, and Gregory M. Dick. KV7 channels contribute to paracrine,but not metabolic or ischemic, regulation of coronary vascular reactivity in swine.Am. J. Physiol., 2016, 111(5):56.


Lijuan Fu, Zhimin Shi, Guanzheng Luo, Weihong Tu, XiuJie Wang,Zhide Fang and XiaoChing Li. Multiple microRNAs regulate human FOXP2 geneexpression by targeting sequences in its 3’untranslated region. Mol Brain,2014, 7(1):71


Zhimin Shi, Guanzheng Luo, Lijuan Fu, Zhide Fang, XiuJie Wang, andXiaoChing Li. miR-9 and miR-140-5ptarget FoxP2 and are regulated by the social context of song behavior inzebra finches. J. Neurosci., 2013,33(42):16510-21.


Shumin Wang*, Lijuan Fu*, Xianglin, Duan, D. R.Crooks, Peng Yu, Zhongmin Qian, Xiaojing Di, Jing Li, T. A. Rouault, YanzhongChang. Role of hepcidin in murine brain iron metabolism. *equally contributed to this paper Cell Mol Life Sci, 2010, 67:123–33.