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Analytics Lab

Cell Culture & Exosome Processing

The XOStem science & laboratory teams have decades of experience in laboratory cell culture technologies. Because of our increasing need for scalable production of conditioned media and exosomes, culture methodology has transitioned from multi-level 2-D flasks to 3-D bioreactors utilizing  microcarrier beads, which greatly enhances throughput. These bioreactors are available from our supplier in sizes from 50 ml to 5000 L, offering unfettered scalability at XOStem as market success of our products dictates.  (Current bioreactor supplier: PBS Biotech)

Efficient and scalable isolation and concentration of exosomes is a requirement for cost effective product manufacturing. Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is a proven technology capable of scalability from benchtop samples to isolation of exosomes from large volumes of conditioned media. (Current technology supplier: Repligen)

The XOStem analytics labs is separate from the cGMP lab.

Facility Equipment

Certified storage refrigerators and freezers including -80 degrees C

Equipment for analytic characterization of exosomes: