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Who We Are

With decades of combined expertise in stem cell science, we have the ability to translate laboratory bioscience into products that will save and improve lives.

Grounded in university fundamental science, driven to bring novel, safe and effective therapies to market, we are a rapidly moving translational stem cell biosciences company.

Our relationships with university and clinical leaders in stem cell science, biomaterials, microencapsulation, implantation techniques, etc. give us a solid footing in our fundamental sciences. Our own team decides which areas of stem cell research are at a point where they can be translated into effective therapies in the near term. We then develop and translate the stem cell science through the productization and regulatory environments into products that help lives now.

Our XO Engineered Exosomes and therapy for type1 diabetics are our first products being readied for market. We have follow-on plans for each one of these initial 2 products. As an example, the Macrodevice used to house insulin producing cells in our type1 diabetes device will also be used as a delivery vehicle in other therapies in the future.

We are moving, we are shaking, we are growing; You will see our products in the market soon.

Scientific Advisory Board

Jonathan R.T. Lakey, PhD, M.S.M. profile picture

Jonathan R.T. Lakey, PhD, M.S.M.

Scientific Advisory Board Chair
Paul de Vos profile picture

Paul de Vos, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board
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Reza Mohammad, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Team

John Sanderson, M.D. profile picture

John Sanderson, M.D.

CEO, Co-Founder
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Steve Rockey, MBA

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Alex McAuley

George Taylor, M.D. profile picture

George Taylor, M.D.

Medical Director
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Jeff Forsberg

FDA Compliance Advisor
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Erica Livingston

Regulatory Affairs Advisor
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Phil Gurat

Corporate Communications
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Vita Manzoli, PhD

Research Manager
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Jae Kweon

Research Scientist
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Sammy Rodriguez

Consulting Scientist
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Ashton Sanderson

Technical Administrator
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Teren McMillan

Lab Assistant
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Ashlyn Wheeler

Lab Assistant
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Jessica Lee

Administrative Assistant
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Michael Lehman

Lab Assistant